Repair Service

Game Console Repair Service XBOX - PS4 - WII - N.SWITCH - FREE ESTIMATE FREE
Disc Read Errors Repair
No Display, HDMI Repair
Trays Will Not Close RepaiR
No Power RepaiR

Bad Controller Ports or Memory Card Ports Repair
Stuttering or slipping when playing Playstation Discs Repair
dead cooling fan and more 
Power Problem Repairs
Broken Casing Repairs and Replacement
RROD (Three Red Rings of Death)Repair
Hard Drive Repair E74 Error Repair
Laser Problem Repairs
Wireless Repairs and Troubleshooting
Disc Stuck in Drive Repair
Won’t Switch on Fix
Damaged Casing Repair
Faulty Switches or Buttons
No Picture Displayed
Won’t Read Games Repair
Touch-Screen Won’t Work Repair
Camera(s) Won’t Work and more